Drug Free

Position Statement

BikeNZ and its Member Organisations condemn the use of prohibited substances as being contrary to the ethics of cycling and potentially harmful to the health of participants and competitors. We seek to protect the health and welfare of our athletes, to ensure they are able to compete in fair and equitable cycling events and recognise that doping is contrary to the spirit of cycling.

All members of BikeNZ are required to comply with the Sports Anti-Doping Rules published by Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ). Please click here to view the rules.

Anti-doping Organisations

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes and maintains the Prohibited List which is an International Standard identifying substances and methods prohibited in-competition, out-of-competition and in particular sports2014 Prohibited List .

The WADA Code is the fundamental and universal document upon which the World Anti-Doping Programme in sport is based; it provides the harmonised framework for anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations within sport organisations and among public authorities.For more information on the WADA Code please click here.

DFSNZ is the National Anti-Doping Organisation in New Zealand. More information on their role is available at www.drugfreesport.org.nz

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the International body that governs competitive cycling for all disciplines. For information about the UCI and the Anti-doping Rules and Regulations as applies to International athletes and competition please click here.

What if I'm taking medications?

The Prohibited List comes into effect on 1 January each year. There have been no changes to the Prohibited List since 2013. Please read the information below and if you have any questions please contact DFSNZ on 0800 DRUGFREE (378 437).

Questions and Answers on the 2014 Prohibited List

2014 Prohibited List

Pseudoephedrine is banned In Competition-athletes are advised to use it as instructed and stop taking it at least 24 hours prior to competition.

All prohibited substances including the asthma inhaler Terbutaline require a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). The application should be applied for PRIOR to taking the prohibited medication if you fall into the national level athlete category i.e. if you are racing at the Track and Road Nationals level or are on our NTP/RTP or attending a UCI event i.e. World Championships.

Oral prednisone is prohibited in competition and requires a TUE in place prior to administration if you are considered a national level athlete

Asthma inhalers that contain Salmeterol (serevent), Salbutamol (ventolin, respigen) and Formoterol (oxis) do not require a TUE but should be declared on the Doping Control Form. There are thresholds in place for misuse - but if you are using the inhaler as prescribed by a sports doctor it is extremely unlikely that you would go above the threshold set by WADA. Please contact Drug Free Sport NZ if you have any issues or questions about this threshold. Non systemic glucocorticosteriod injections (i.e. kenacort injections into joints) should also be declared on the Doping Control Form. If you are sick and see a doctor please let him/her know you are an athlete that is likely to be drug tested so they can check if there are other medications they can prescribe or if you have to have one that is on the banned list they can fill in their section on the TUE application form. They can do this by checking their MIMS quick reference guide for the status of your prescribed medication. If there is any doubt DO NOT take any medication without checking with DFSNZ.

If you are on medication that requires a TUE there are different requirements depending on what level rider you are. Please read through the information below and if you have any questions please contact DFSNZ 0800 DRUGFREE (378 437).

International Federation RTP athletes (Riders on UCI Registered Testing Pool)

Approval in advance

You need to apply in advance or upon treatment (in emergency situations and the like) with a TUE required medication direct to the UCI for approval on UCI TUE paperwork (and c.c. DFSNZ and Hughie Castle hughie.castle@bikenz.org.nz) into the application so that they can follow up if required).

UCI TUE process and forms

All medications should be stated on the Doping Control Form when tested.

DFSNZ RTP and NTP athletes (Riders on DFSNZ testing pool)

Approval in advance

You need to apply to DFSNZ for approval in advance for all medications requiring a TUE on DFSNZ paperwork (and c.c. Hughie into the application).


If you are competing in a world championships or UCI listed International event (as per the UCI calendar of events on a yearly basis) let DFSNZ know and they will ensure the TUE is forwarded on to the UCI in advance of this competition.

All medications need to be stated on the Doping Control Form at the time of testing.

Riders competing at a listed International Event (who do not fit into either of the above 2 categories) or National Level Event (currently - National Track Championships, National Road Championships).

You are required to obtain a TUE in advance for any prohibited substances (e.g. ADHD medication, beta 2 agonists that contain terbutaline (Bricanyl) ) and this should be sent through to DFSNZ for approval.

All other beta 2 agonists (Salmeterol (serevent) Salbutamol (ventolin, respigen) and (e)formoterol such as oxis) are to be declared on the doping control form.

All medications need to be stated on the Doping Control Form at the time of testing.

Other Riders (who don't fit in the above categories)

You can apply retroactively for a TUE for prohibited substances.

However you need to provide sufficient evidence that this medication was required and administered and prescribed by a medical practitioner.You must have sufficient documentation to show that it is necessary treatment and no other permitted alternative medication is available.

All medications need to be stated on the Doping Control Form at the time of testing.

What happens in I'm in the registered testing pool?

If you are in the UCI and/or DFSNZ Registered Testing Pool (RTP), it is your responsibility to inform the relevant organisation of your whereabouts at all times.


The current RTP list has been confirmed and DFSNZ has sent information to the riders concerned.

To update your whereabouts:

Online www.drugfreesport.org.nz and click on the whereabouts log in button in the quick links section for all changes

Phone 0800 DRUGFREE (378 437) for single day and/or emergency changes to your 60minute time slot

Text the word whereabouts to 4365 for single day and/or emergency changes to your 60 minute time slot


If you are on the UCI list they will send you the information.

Please click here to find out more about the UCI Registered Testing Pool.


Before taking supplements please check the risk with DFSNZ before you use. While they cant guarantee any supplements they can offer advice about risk level.

I need help!

If you have any questions about any of the above please contact DFSNZ on 0800 DRUGFREE (378 437)

The contact at BikeNZ for anti doping matters is High Performance NZ Operations Manager, Hughie Castle.

Email: hughie.castle@bikenz.org.nz or Phone: 027 204 1599